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Sairem Minilabotron 2000 M20K 230B

Sairem Minilabotron 2000 M20K 230B

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The Minilabotron 2000 is a high-performance microwave-assisted equipment developed specifically for laboratory use in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, etc.

It has the flexibility to meet all experimental requirements. It can be easily configured for different applications, including liquid phase, solid phase and gas phase reactions, in homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures.

The Minilabotron 2000 is a built of high-quality stainless steel, with a high degree of finish and shock-resistant. The internal and external surfaces are covered with a layer of anti-corrosive resin. The double envelope construction of the microwave cavity allows the reactor to operate at high temperatures (250 °C) while the outer surfaces remain at room temperature. The microwave cavity is designed to provide a very uniform microwave field.
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